about him

Описание мужчины мечты

about her

Описание женщины

1Personal information

  • Age:43
  • Country:Spain
  • City:Barcelona
  • Marital status:Divorced
  • Children (number): 1
    • Date of birth:25/03/2008 Gender:Female
  • Race/Ethnicity:Slavic
  • Religion:Christianity
    • Did you grow up in a religious family?Yes
    • Are you ready to date a man with a different religion?Yes
  • Politically you are?:
  • Nationality:Ukrainian
  • Languages spoken:
    • English:С1 Advanced
    • Spanish:С1 Advanced
    • Ukrainian and Russian:Native
  • Occupation:Dentist
  • You live:With children
  • Availability of an international passport:Yes
  • Valid visas:-
  • Countries visited:USA, Australia, Canada, 90% Europe. Israel, Qatar, UAE. Visited over 37 countries
  • Places you want to visit:Those countries that I have not visited yet
  • Favorite country? What did you like about it?:There are no country favorites, but I love Europe

2Physical description

  • Weight:55 kg, 121 lbs
  • Height:170 cm, 5'6,93'' ft/inch
  • Eye color:Green
  • Hair color:Blonde
  • Body type:Slim
  • The presence of tattoos, if so, which ones:No

3Additional description

  • Education:Several higher
  • Which area of ​​expertise?:Medical college, medical University in Ukraine and Barcelona Medical University, specialty - dentistry.
  • Style of clothes:Smart casual
  • Astrological sign:Sagittarius
  • Do you have any important healthy issues?:No
  • Do you smoke?:No
  • Do you drink alcohol?:Socially
  • Do you want to have children?:Can be discussed
  • Do you have siblings?:Yes
  • Are you close?:Yes
  • Car availability (brand):Yes, I have
  • Driving license:Yes
  • Your first job:Dentistry
  • Your most interesting job:Dentistry
  • Your achievements in life:I am proud of my upbringing and those qualities that are common to me
  • Your strongest character trait:I am very responsible, organized, punctual, purposeful, loyal and able to love.

4Your lifestyle

  • Your hobbies, interests:I like drawing, art, galleries, sports, reading philosophical books, history, yoga, nature... I am a very versatile and inquisitive person, I am interested in everything, politics, medicine, economics, space, food, fashion, this world is interesting to me, and I am glad that I live in this time, where technology allows and simplifies our lives.
  • Favorite sports (watch):I don't have favorites
  • Favorite sports (activity):Fitness
  • Do you play musical instruments?:No
  • Favorite music:Classic, pop
  • Favorite book:History, politics, philosophy, psychology
  • Favorite movies:Anything but horror
  • Favorite perfume:Fresh, powdery scents
  • Favorite cuisine, dishes:European
  • Your signature dish:I love to cook, I try to make the food tasty, and not just saturate the stomach. I can cook any dish
  • Do you have pets?:No
  • Leisure activities:Walking, travelling, theatre, galleries, art, cooking, reading books
  • Favorite flowers and their color:I love any combination of colors, the main thing is that it should be beautiful

5Desired partner's description

  • Preferred age:40-60
  • Preferred height:above 170 cm
  • Style of clothes:stylish
  • Eye color:Any
  • Hair color:Any
  • Hobbies and interests:Versatile, for whom this world is interesting and he knows how to share it with others.
  • Preferred country or region:Europe, USA
  • Lives in a city or countryside?:Doesn't matter
  • Languages spoken:
    • English :Good
    • Spanish:Medium
  • Character traits (positive and negative)I am very impressed with people, those who know what and whom they want. Stable in everything! Purposefulness and ambition
  • Describe a perfect day with your beloved man:A beautiful green village where animals walk, beautiful nature and sunny weather. Sincere and light atmosphere, conversation, laughter, happy eyes
  • Are you open to date a man, who has children: 1, 2, 3, moreYes
  • He wants children:If a partner wishes
  • Does his education matter?:Yes
  • Are you open to date a man with a tattoo/piercing(except for ears)?:Yes
  • Are you open to date African American and Asian man?:Yes
  • What is love for you (5 most important words):Interest, respect, care, responsibility, protection,compromise