The stronger the Woman is, the harder it is to find her special Man.

The reason is not in the Woman but in the Ukrainian realities. Judge for yourself. Historically, women in Ukraine had to become stronger than men. In the developed countries of Europe (Switzerland, Germany) and the United States, where the economic situation is more stable, there is a clear understanding that it is worth starting a family in adulthood, after 40 years. And, as practice shows, this makes sense. Although it is interesting that, for example, in Spain, the situation is radically opposite. People under 30 years old are considered children who are allowed to get an education, do some soul-searching, and enjoy life, without burdening themselves with the problems of adulthood.

Ukraine, unfortunately, does not offer such conditions to be without a family and work up to 30. A woman in Ukraine “owes” everybody. She has to find work right after university (and it’s good if only one work), she has to get married before 30 years old (or better before 25, otherwise she’ll be alone), she must give birth to a child before 30 (she’s getting old). Society concludes that if a lady is still single by the age of 30, then she has skeletons in her closet. This is what makes women become stronger. But what if there are far fewer truly worthy men than self-sufficient women? After all, such a woman cannot simply submit and spend her life with the first man she meets.

Only a Real Man, Winner, Conqueror can reveal Her natural desire to surrender, follow, give in, feel protection and support, and feel like a Woman. Only the Chosen Man can do all this.

Stop worrying about this! Do not hide your inner strength under the guise of a weak woman. After all, one day this force will break out! If a man is weak, it will reduce him to dust. Woman is the Queen, Woman is an immovable mountain, and only Titan can withstand such a path. A woman is created for the victories of her Man. She leads him on the road of accomplishment because he does not know another way. A woman places a Man on a throne forged by her energy and strength, an energy that is stronger than nuclear.

A woman is kind, and caring, she does not embody cruelty. She is ready to be a shoulder, soothe the wounds, and give her life, if necessary, on the sharp turns of the thorny path of life. A woman is ready to give all herself to a DECENT Man, to someone who is ready to reveal her strength and cope with the flow of her energy. To the one who is ready to go only forward with his head proudly raised, who will fight until he becomes the one whom he is destined to be by nature – the KING. To the one who deservedly will gain the due GREATNESS.

A man will realize how lucky he is to meet just such a Woman – a gift from heaven. A man will appreciate Her, who nourishes him with power, who is capable, who appreciates him. A man will become the strongest if She is next to him.

Not all men are capable of this. Therefore, it is worthless to waste yourself, to hide under the mask of powerlessness, giving yourself to a man who is not created for this. Do not humbly endure, try to comply and accept the unwillingness to strive together for success. Weak men do not need this, they are not ready, and even if they take a few steps, they will fail. As a result, 2 destinies will not succeed and will be broken; 2 people who could become happy separately. Each man (not even so strong) must go his own way and some of them will need more than one life to finally meet the Woman who will make him the Winner exactly when he himself is ready for this.

In the meantime, all that Woman’s Power wants is to be seen, and to receive support. She dreams of finding her King, her Conqueror, her Man.

A strong woman has something to be proud of.

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