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In order for you to get all the benefits from working with a matchmaker, enjoy the process and get the best result we offer:


Submit your membership application below. This will help us find a suitable partner for you more effectively and allow us to adjust the search criteria as needed. The form asks for details about your personality, interests, education, family background, important qualities, ideal partner preferences, and views on marriage.


During the personal interview, Olena Kovalevska will delve into your needs and values, provide friendly support, and demonstrate how we can assist you. After the interview, you will receive a customized membership package designed to meet your specific requirements. To schedule a complimentary consultation with Olena Kovalevska, please click here.

VIDEO DATES with potential matches

Our team meticulously curates potential matches according to your specified criteria. Prior to approval or rejection, you have the opportunity to examine each match's comprehensive profile, photos, and video content (available in numerous profiles). Upon approval, your dedicated personal assistant will facilitate video introductory dates for you. Initial video conversations do not permit contact exchange. Feedback is collected following each video interaction from both parties. Only in the event of mutual interest do we proceed with organizing a face-to-face meeting or sharing contact information.

Offline Dating

Our Offline Dating service is tailored to facilitate in-person meetings, fostering meaningful connections and nurturing authentic relationships. Embark on the enchanting journey of offline dating with our customized matchmaking service. Your dedicated personal assistant will support you every step of the way in your quest to find that special someone.


After meeting the man you have chosen , you will have a better idea of who you want to continue communicating with. By this stage, we hope that you have established mutual attraction and interest with one or several men, and that you have developed a new level of confidence in your relationships with them. At this point, International Love Match Matchmaking Agency and Olena Kovalevska personally will continue to provide consultation services to you and your chosen man. Olena's matchmaking coaching and professional experience can help you overcome language barriers, cultural differences, and any other misunderstandings that may arise. This stage is important for us because a lot of work has been done to help you reach this point.