Privacy Policy Site (Portal, Website) complies with international standards of information security management. Ensuring complete anonymity, confidentiality, and the safety of incoming information about our members and visitors is a compulsory component of our work.

We ensure that all personal information and confidential data (such as full name, telephone number, address, IP address, cookies, etc.) sent to the Website is safeguarded as provided in this Privacy Policy Document. Our specialists strongly protect the electronic databases from any unauthorized access. This Privacy Policy is considered to be an essential part of our Terms, so please be sure you have read and understood every part of it.

This Privacy Policy presupposes Data Controller, who is responsible for collecting, processing, storing, and destroying your information. In our case, these functions are provided by sole proprietor Olena Kovalevska.

This Privacy Policy demonstrates our firm commitment to confidentiality. It provides complete answers regarding our policies and practices in this segment. If you disagree or cannot abide by any of Our Terms of Use, we recommend not using our Website.

Age of Members and Users

Any use of the Website is strictly forbidden by a person who is considered a minor under the law. Personal information from Users under 18 years of age we do not collect. Furthermore, suppose our specialists reveal that we in some way have collected such data. In that case, we assure to permanently delete it in the shortest possible time.

Terms of reference

This Privacy Policy concerns personal information collected and processed by the Website while using the Website and Additional Services. By starting the registration process on the Website, you agree to this Privacy Policy. From that moment, it will be considered the legal basis for our actions following this Policy.

Personal information will be used for the convenience of using the Website to achieve the goal of finding a wife and will be optionally available to other registered users while the profile is active. By “collecting personal information” above, we mean the following types of information, which is justified and directly related to a diversified and in-depth provision of services:

Profile DataThis type of information includes data that the User is not required to but can provide to complete his profile during the registration process. It includes name, gender, city of residence and country, appearance, occupation, hobby, the purpose of acquaintance, preferences, etc. We recommend (but not oblige) to describe the personality as thoroughly as possible to more accurately and quickly find a match.

Contact information

This type includes contact information such as email address, phone number, social network or social messenger data, etc., that can facilitate communication outside the Website. Such information is not visible to other Website users since the exchange of personal contact information between Participants and Users is carried out by mutual interest only through the Service “Order video conference”. Contact details can also be requested during a personal meeting.

User generated content

Everything that the User creates on the site (correspondence, facts from biography, photos, videos, etc.) is considered User content and is also protected by this Privacy Policy.

Billing information

The Website does not store or transfer payment information to third parties. Paying information means any data that describes constitutes or provides access to a billing and collection system, such as full name, credit card number, checking, IP address, etc.

Technical data

This type may include User’s sign-on date and time, IP address and location, device type and name, browser name, and the site that redirected User to the Website, log in and password, Website activity, etc.

Please be advised that technical data is automatically collected when using the Website. We cannot access another type of information until the User himself provides it during the registration process (profile data, contact and billing information, user-generated content).
We also inform Users that to improve the site, raise competence level, optimize work, we may collect anonymized and generalized information about users and/or visitors of the Website and their actions.

Data Management

(access, revocation of consent, correction, removal)
All information that we receive, store, and the process can be changed or deleted by the User, as he has the full right to access it.

Access to User information
Users can make any necessary corrections to the profile on the Website; close their account on the Website, or delete their personal information. Users can make corrections individually; all other options are available via contacting the Website’s support section.

Revocation of consent
Users can revoke the use of their personal data or make changes to the private information management scheme (processing, storage, use) in the profile settings. However, we warn that it may make it impossible to use the Website, since the Website format is wholly related to the processing of personal information.

Transparency and accountability
This option is available to residents of the European Union. Suppose the User has legitimate concerns about how we store and process personal information. In that case, he can file a complaint with the relevant data to the respective protection authority.

Use and Disclosure

Under this Privacy Policy, we are not allowed to transfer or disclose personal data to third parties. However, it can still happen in extreme cases: if the disclosure or transfer of data is required by law, at the request of law enforcement agencies, or to protect our legal rights, the rights of our Partners, or our Users. This rule is the same for everyone.

After the registration is completed, the profile information will be visible to us, other registered users of the Website Administration, and the Support Team. Personal data will also possibly be used to automatically post your profile on the Affiliate Websites. In addition, we reserve the right to use personal information to verify your compliance with the specified age and marital status and provide you with information about personal and promotional offers.

Some profile information sections may be provided to third-party analytics or marketing agencies from different countries in anonymized form. By saying “in anonymized form,” we mean that identifying a specific person from the transferred sections of information will be impossible.

As for User-generated content, it can only be used for transmission to the addressee in person. The Website has a protection system against unauthorized interception and transmission of this information to third parties.

Contact information is available only for the Website’s Technical support service and Website Administration. We will only use it to communicate with User. It can also be used to log in to the Website, to receive notifications of new actions with the profile, newsletters, and for advertising.

Technical data will be available only to the Technical support service of the Website to support the technical work of the Website:

  • Correct and timely authorization
  • Proper operation of the website modules
  • The safety of work
  • Payment implementation
  • Order fulfillment

Billing information is used by the Technical support service of the Website to process and implement payments for paid services of the Website.

Location of storage and processing
The networks and servers on which all Website information is stored and processed are located in Germany. This allows the Website to provide services at the proper technical level, comply with security and anonymity requirements, comply with the provisions of the European Commission and other legally approved standards.

Terms of information storage
We pledge to keep personal information and other types of information strictly confidential and only for the duration of its direct use on the Website. We reserve the right to hold some of the information for three years to protect against alleged legal claims; such data will be strictly protected, blocked from access, and may only be used for legal protection.

Protection of Personal Information
All information, including personal and contact information, is transmitted using HTTPS / SSL encryption technology over secure channels. This method greatly complicates the interception of data during transmission and reduces data theft to zero.

Billing information passes through the merchant account gateway on an HTTPS / SSL server protected from disclosure to third parties. All credit card transactions are sent to our merchant account gateway to process in a secure HTTPS / SSL environment.

We are confident that we use the latest protocols to ensure the safety and security of information. From time to time, our specialists revise and improve security procedures, apply new technologies and methods. However, it is reasonable to assume that no security measures are perfect or completely impenetrable despite all efforts. Therefore, we are not responsible for possible security breaches.

We use cookies to improve User’s experience on the Website and get the Service with the best quality and speed. We use cookies to understand User preferences and sessions, track visits to understand behavior, and create a plan for increased traffic. Is the option of the User to configure his browser to reject cookies. Cookies can be disabled.

Online User Policy

By agreeing with our Privacy Policy, you are solely responsible for the truthfulness, relevance, and timeliness of the information you provide to the Website or the Partners we represent in the marriage business.

Users are prohibited from broadcasting to other users and Agency employees and Partners any offensive, obscene, defamatory, sexually explicit nature and racially insensitive, threatening, harassing illegal data. Materials that violate the other party’s rights, violate intellectual property rights, the right to life and inviolability, the right to publicity, and freedom of choice are also not subject to transfer.

Sharing personal contact information is prohibited until the woman signs the full IMBRA (The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005) form. Under these federal rules for international marriages, the IMBRA form must also be signed before an in-person meeting, gift delivery, Skype calls, and other personal contacts can take place.
The Website Administration reserves the right to reject any content transmitted through our services by any of its members if the data does not comply with applicable laws and regulations, including this Privacy Policy. Acceptance of any content does not in any way make the Website Administration responsible for the content. Each User is solely responsible for the content that he exchanges through our services.

The User does not have the right to impersonate another natural or legal person, even if the attempt is made to consider it amusing and harmless. Misleading, defamation, and substitution of concepts for any reason are strictly prohibited.

The User cannot expect that any statements are approved by us without the explicit written consent of the Website Administration.

The collection of personal information about other users of the Websitecompany’s Website and employees for any purpose, including commercial, is prohibited without express written consent.
The use of third-party programs, services, robots, applications, other manual or automatic devices to retrieve and collect data is strictly prohibited.

Legal Dispute and Forgoing the safeguards

The Website Administration is in no way responsible for any damage that may arise as a result of the communication of the Participants or the use of any of our services.
The Website Administration is also not responsible for any events, developments, or/or incidents due to personal meetings. But we will do our absolute to assist and help.
User understands and accepts that the Website Administration does NOT control and does NOT participate in the interaction of users. However, we reserve the right to enforce all rules described in this Private Policy.

Having completed the registration process, Users agree to protect the Website Administration, Agency employees, technical staff, partners, managers, and other representatives from any claims that may arise in the process resulting from using the Website. (PE Olena Kovalevska) provides the services “as is” and does not provide guarantees of any kind, either express, implied, or established by law. (PE Olena Kovalevska) expressly disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement. The User understands that his success depends on him alone, but we can put him in the best position to succeed.


ALL MATERIALS are the exclusive property of the company “” (PE “Olena Kovalevska”). All materials, service-based data, the structure of the Website, texts, photos, and videos, etc., are protected by the Owner’s trademark and can NEVER be copied, published, used in whole or in part without the Website owner’s express written consent.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

“” (PE “Olena Kovalevska”) reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy. We will immediately post these changes here in such an event, and they will take effect upon posting.

Data controller contact details:

Services on the Website are provided by an individual entrepreneur Kovalevska Olena Mikhailivna.
The Date: December 1, 2020


Having any questions about this Privacy Policy and the practices of its usage, please contact