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In order for you to get all the benefits from working with a matchmaker, enjoy the process and get the best result we offer:


You will be proposed to FILL IN THE FORM. This procedure allows for more accurate and responsive partner search, as well as greater flexibility in adjusting the parameters. The form reveals substantive information about your personality, hobbies and pastime, educational and family background, your most valuable attributes, view of ideal partner and married life in general.


During this interview, we gather essential information that will help the matchmaker in finding suitable matches for the client based on their past dating experiences, relationship expectations, and deal-breakers. By customizing the search, the matchmaker can hand-pick potential matches that align with the client's values, interests, and goals, enhancing the chances of forming a meaningful and long-lasting connection.

VIDEO DATES with potential matches

Our team selects profiles from our extensive database that match your criteria and have already shown interest in you. You can then choose the women who stand out to you the most. Your personal assistant will offer valuable insights on each woman and arrange video dates for you. Please note that contact exchange is not permitted during the initial video conversation. Following each video call, we gather feedback from both parties. If there is mutual interest, we prioritize arranging a face-to-face meeting or facilitating contact exchange.

Experience the Magic of Face-to-Face Connections.

Step away from the screen and into real-life chemistry with our offline dating services. Our matchmaking experts facilitate meaningful connections by arranging in-person meetings for you and your potential matches. Say goodbye to endless messaging and hello to genuine interactions that can spark a lasting romance. Let us guide you towards offline dating experiences that truly make a difference in your search for love.


After meeting the women you have chosen , you will have a better idea of who you want to continue communicating with. By this stage, we hope that you have established mutual attraction and interest with one or several ladies, and that you have developed a new level of confidence in your relationships with them. At this point, Matchmaking Agency and Olena Kovalevska personally will continue to provide consultation services to you and your chosen woman. Olena's matchmaking coaching and professional experience can help you overcome language barriers, cultural differences, and any other misunderstandings that may arise. This stage is important for us because a lot of work has been done to help you reach this point.

Ladies Public Profiles

Confidentiality is our #1 priority.

Because of client confidentiality, only registered users would have access to the full roster of ladies. Unregistered clients can only see photos of ladies who have given their consent to publish their information on the public part of the site.

Anna, 35 Welburn
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Alina, 49 Kharkov
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Valentina, 40 Zurich
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Elena, 40 London
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Antonina, 35 Prague
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Christina, 37 Dubai
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Irina, 43 Malaga
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Svetlana, 40 Croix
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Christina, 35 Haifa
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Tatiana, 37 New York
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Authorized users have complete access to our agency's extensive database and comprehensive professional matchmaking assistance.


Official Offer

Are you tired of swiping left and right on dating apps with no success? Do you feel like you're wasting your time and energy on people who don't share your values and goals? Our matchmaking agency is here to help you find your soul mate with ease and confidence. Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to understand your preferences, personality traits, and relationship goals. We use a personalized approach to matchmaking, which means that we take into account every aspect of your life to find the perfect match for you. We believe that quality is more important than quantity, which is why we focus on providing a limited number of matches that meet your criteria. This ensures that you'll only meet people who have the potential to become your life partner. At our agency, we value transparency, honesty, and respect. We'll keep you updated throughout the process, and we'll never share your personal information without your consent. If you're ready to find your soul mate, contact us today. Let us help you find the love you deserve.

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