Refund Policy refund policy

Intending to deliver top-quality services and fully satisfy our customers, provides full or partial refunds as described below.

  • provides matchmaking services that are to be compensated once the time is spent and consulting is being provided. We do not refund any amount earned for the services provided as agreed with the customer unless one of the following cases takes place and is declared by a customer.
  • The payments made for matchmaking interviews, consulting, and other services within your membership package are considered as earned ones and are not to be refunded if fully provided.
  • In case the full services haven’t been provided and the Client wants to terminate the matchmaking package, we provide an individual calculation of the costs and refund you the necessary amount for the services not used as for the time of termination.
  • Once the Client receives a full range of services as agreed, he isn’t eligible for any refund.
  • All third-party payments that might be related to such as attorneys’ fees, etc., are not under our responsibility and aren’t to be refunded by us.
  • In case of double payments or any other technical error under our responsibility, the Client gets a full refund net of bank commission for a refund.
  • We accept refund claims if, for some reason, we are not able to provide the services as agreed. The refund amount will be calculated individually in each particular case.
  • Reference, success, and brokerage fees are not to be refunded once earned.
  • In case of force majeure situations on the Client’s side (health issues, natural disasters, etc.) and inability to use our services, the client can claim a refund within three working days from the date of occurrence of the force major situation. When claimed later than in three working days, the Client is not eligible for a refund.
  • If a candidate selected by our matchmaking agency looks totally different from her profile photos or videos (if confirmed), the Client can claim a selection of a new match for free.
  • Video-calls fees are non-refundable once provided.
  • In case the Client is not available for a long time or his poor behavior makes it impossible to provide some services, he is not eligible for any refund.
  • In case your relationship with one of the selected matches didn’t work out, you are not eligible for any refund since all services are fully provided and, therefore, earned.
  • Any refund is to be claimed on our email in a written form.
  • Once your refund claim is approved, you will be refunded within 45 working days.