I found my style

Dear Diary, you know me better than anyone else, because you have seen all the ups and downs, my achievements and losses over the past 25 years. Today I’m looking back asking myself: if I had the opportunity to change something in the past, what would I change? Would I choose differentlife path? My answer is no.
At the age of 19, I could not even imagine that one meeting would change my life 180 degrees. As a successful medical student, how could I have imagined that one day I would become a professional matchmaker, that I would help lonely hearts from all over the world to find their long-awaited happiness! That I will gain a team of professionals who are like real family to me! That I will have a spacious office with a wall of happy couples’ pictures! Again, my answer is no.
Today I understand that I have become the best version of myself. I found my style as a matchmaker, I do what I love and I am happy.

Do you remember that fateful meeting? At far 90s when I was just 19 years old, I found myself in a marriage agency when my friend convinced me to sign up, so to say, for the ride. At the moment, she was already corresponding with a couple of men by mail. Not by e-mail as everyone does now, but by post! So, she had to wait for a reply from her crush for at least two weeks!
This was not an obstacle though. The girls received a catalog with questionnaires and pictures of men by mail. Everyone wrote letters by hand and everyone had really serious intentions.

I was very lucky to get acquainted with a mega professional matchmaking team with wonderful and genuine founders. I have quickly become a part of their friendly and warm team-family, so they shared the details of how everything, actually, worked.

Dear Diary, since 14 I’ve shared with you my inner thoughts and dreams. You helped me to define the love and were there for me in terrible time of breakups. So, when a girl from the agency asked me to help in matters of her heart, I hit the ground running!
Do you remember? Her beloved man wrote a very long and beautiful letter while she had no experience in writing letters at all. My knowledge of English was not perfect yet, but I was an expert in affairs of the heart already! Hehe, I still remember fondly the evening when we somehow managed to translate man’s letter together. Then I created a detailed answer in Russian for her, a letter full of love, feelings and emotion.
The girl adored my letter, and her man was really impressed, so in just less than a week she was there with a few more of her friends who asked for the same kind of help. These ladies realized that I devote a lot of time and energy to their letters and offered some compensation for it.
The number of my “female clients” was growing exponentially daily. I found it to be very efficient. Women were very happy, as well as men. Within a year or two, all of these couples have successfully met in reality. Four of them got married within the first three years. My ladies were encouraging me all the time and believed that I had chosen the wrong profession. Each of them was convinced that I must start a business and help people to create families. They told me that I feel all the peculiarities of humans’ souls well and loved people very much, man also admitted that the letters were warm and genuine. Of course, I didn’t write on my own. I just questioned girls and interpreted everything they told me properly.

I’ve always loved to read; masterpieces of Freud, Dostoevsky, Exupery, and Stendal inspired me a lot. They made me think of many things thoroughly, including relationships between people, family, and psychology. It was important for me to figure out how to help people in need of support. I was always able to comfort people, bring them back to life, and help them to get their self-confidence back.
Later, after having read Dale Carnegie and Jack Canfield, namely the Rules book, I realized this was the best book I have ever read in my life. I have always lacked the self-confidence to start a business, unfortunately. After graduation from medical university and ending my internship, I could not imagine being a businesswoman. However, thanks to The Rules, I found the strength to do it. I knew that the first step is the hardest. The only wish I had was to make as many people in this world happy as possible, because family is the most important thing we have in our lives. It is our protection, self-belief, and endless inspiration.

My family is unique. Both my parents and grandparents have been the best examples for me. They lived long and happy lives with their spouses. I am filled with immense love and energy and share them easily with other people.

I will never forget my first small 13 m, but very cozy office in the very center of Kharkov, which our clients did not want to leave. Despite the fact that we did not yet know the answers to all questions, but they felt the sincerity of our company.

When I finally started my agency, an issue of doing photographs for our women arose. No one had experience in photography. However, I had a unique ability to recognize beauty in every woman. I did makeup, created images, hairstyles, made photos – tried to present the beauty of each lady. Women often forget how beautiful they can be due to everyday fuss and work. Most of them live for their children, parents, and families and do not think of themselves. Naturally, it affects their personal life and happiness.

Our team keeps getting thankful feedback from all our female customers for our wish to make them beautiful and sincere willing to change their lives. We are not wizards, but we strive to do everything possible for each of our women to meet her soulmate.
My new business became more inspiring and important than my job. It brought me gratitude and positive feedback from both our male and female customers. I realized that matchmaking is what I really want to do in life.

My soul grew up with my business and each of employees. I was very lucky to gather only genuine and devoted people. They are my motivation and inspiration.

We have not always been perfect and made mistakes. These mistakes helped us to improve, we listen and understand our customers better now, both men and women.

Now we have a large beautiful office in the center of Kharkov, where we are always glad to meet our new clients. Our happy couples, who now live in Europe, America, Australia, Canada, delight us from time to time with their family photos and congratulations on the holidays.
For many years we no longer deal with advertising, since word of mouth and reputation precedes us.
We almost do not have customers who lacked attention or had no desired results in our agency. My Team and I always communicate with all our customers sincerely. They see and appreciate it. Today, we are proud to be responsible for the creation of more than 1000 couples!

Dear Diary, this year, we are going to celebrate our 22th anniversary. Looking back, I can safely say: much is achieved, and the company remains strong in the face of life, laws and economic challenges, and continues progressive advance on a way of realization of the strategic program of further development. I thank you for being with me for all these years. I did a great job and still have a lot of ambitious goals. I know that tomorrow I’ll do more than I am doing today! Once I made the commitment to be better each day by having better thoughts, making better choices, taking better actions and I am ready to work in the name of Love every single day!

Let’s start our journey right now!